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Birds of Craighead Trip Report

What a wonderful day for an early afternoon bird walk at the Craighead House. Walk number two this weekend with our second collaboration with another local business.

We had a great turnout with twenty-six interested birders ranging from brand new to several years of experience.

Overall, the day had a good count with thirty species. Again, some of the more common species were a no-show and a goose egg for warblers. The full list can be found on eBird.

However, the day's highlight was finally finding the Bald Eagle nest and the several fly-bys by the adults! There was also a long fly-by from a Green Heron. These cryptic species is seldom seen in the open let alone on the wing for so long.

The next free walk is on 16 April 2023 at the Craighead House.

Happy Birding everyone and don't forget to "Stop, Listen, and Look around you",

Andy Dapkins

Owner and Guide

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